Palma.—A 74-year-old British pensioner living in Son Ferrer has been conned and robbed of 421 euros by two men posing as Repsol inspectors.
Carol Elizabeth Miller, from Calvia, received a call from two men claiming to be from Repsol last Friday saying she was “due an alteration in her service because of a new gas law” and was told they had to do it straight away or she could lose the allocated time.

Afraid she could lose her gas supply, since she is the only one in her block of flats that receives bottled gas, as opposed to her neighbours that have all changed to piped gas, she was left with no choice but to agree.

The criminals, showed up dressed in Repsol uniforms and carrying fake badges but their urgency on finishing the job led Carol to lower her guard and let them in without checking their credentials properly.

She was then presented with the bill but when she protested the men just grabbed all the money she had on her, 421 euros in total, a big chunk of her pension.

Patricia McGregor, friend and carer of the victim said this was a complete scam by an organised gang and urged people to take extra precautions from now on. “Carol was in shock. She felt like a fool because she is usually very careful but she lives alone and she was afraid of making a big issue with Repsol and lose her home deliveries. “She was bullied from the word go. They simply took her money in a very aggressive way and the worst part is that she relies completely on her pension. “We are very surprised on how much information they knew, how they found out where she lived, what services she relied on. It is all very strange how they got hold of that information. And of course, we called Repsol afterwards and it transpired that she was not due for an inspection. It was all a scam.”