Staff Reporter

THE Balearic government said yesterday that although it believes that the new electricity companies operating as of 1st July in the region, will be providing an honest service, it will nevertheless be making sure that clients are not taken advantage of.

At the end of this month said Consumer director, Diego Gonzalez, GESA Endesa will cease to have its monopoly on providing an electricity supply to users - both domestic and commercial - across the region. Four new companies have been given operating licenses from the beginning of July and clients need to decide by the end of June if they want to close their accounts with GESA. The government, assured Gonzalez, is mindful that many people in the Islands haven't seen information which adequately answers their questions about what company would best suit their needs. He said that people need to think carefully about which supplier and their charges are most appropriate for their level of usage. If the electricity bills of clients who change their supplier soar disproportionately, they have the right to make a complaint to the government which, said Gonzalez, will take action.

In response to alarm generated over the past days about how much the electricity tariff will go up as a result of the market being freed up, Gonzalez said that exact amounts are still not known but that there will be a “tendency for bills to rise.”