“Majorca-X-Africa” is the name of the campaign being promoted by the Council of Majorca through the Majorcan Institute of Social Affairs (IMAS) and a regional Foundation for Solidarity and Cooperation. Its principal aim is to give a high profile to Majorcan-based projects which are being carried out in Chad, Morocco, Rwanda, the Western Sahara, Senegal and Tanzania to help the underprivileged, people who are potential illegal immigrants because they see no other choice than to leave their homes and take risky journeys to countries such as Spain. A plan designed to promote maximum interest in the campaign is a television documentary entitled “The children who dream of Europe” which is to be shown on TV Mallorca tomorrow at 9.40pm. The 26-minute long programme will be analysing how life is for many young people who, with the help of the Foundation for Solidarity and Cooperation - decide not to abandon their country and attempt to “forge a future” thanks to training and employment workshops in which they learn “another way to live.”