DOZENS of local police officers joined maintenance and public service employees of the local council's flagship “Calvia 2000” yesterday demanding better pay and working conditions .

The protest, staged in front of the Council offices, was the first where all the Unions representing the various branches of public employees (including the General Workers Union, UGT, and the Workers Commission, CCOO) took a united front against the ruling government authority in the district, the Partido Popular under mayor Carlos Delgado.

The Unions were demanding that the mayor hold an immediate meeting with employee representatives to answer demands and grievances set out in a letter to him delivered two weeks ago, and to which up to now, there has been no response. The Unions accuse town hall authorities of obstructing a negotiation procedure.

The demonstration began a little before one o'clock in the afternoon yesterday with a quarter of the local police force up in arms in front of the town hall. They were joined at half past one by workers from “Calvia 2000”, at two o'clock by maintenance staff and at half past two by municipal employees. Apart from drums and whistle blowing, participants blocked the exits from municipal carparks and tried to cut off the main street. Guardia Civil had to intervene to keep traffic flowing.