STAFF REPORTER FARMERS Associations have joined forces with the Sant Jordi Residents Association to stage a demonstration today demanding “immediate solutions” to a plague of mosquitoes which has infested outlying areas of the island.

According to Farmers' Union, Asaja, the protest will take place at the Can Prunes roundabout on the road between s'Aranjassa and Llucmajor.
One of the areas which has been badly affected by the plague is the plain of Sant Jordi, where, says Asaja, there are inadequate drainage facilities. The union claimed that as a result, there are permanent stagnant pools of water lying on the plain which are perfect breeding grounds for the insects.

Residents groups which will be most largely represented at today's protest will be those from Casa Blanca, s'Aranjassa, Es Pil.lari, Es Pla de Son Ferriol and Sant Jordi. It is these areas which have been most uncomfortably affected by the mosquitoes for a period of weeks.

In May this year, Palma City Council took steps to minimise the impact of the plague which had flourished as a result of persistent spring rains. The Council's Health department released a special spore, bacillus thuringiensies into the atmosphere which apparently eliminates the mosquito larvae. The system was recommended by experts at the Balearic University.

Technicians also carried out a fumigation programme in the green zones of the Playa de Palma where the mosquitoes were at their thickest.