Palma.—Calvia Guardia Civil have saved the life of a French holiday maker, who was threatening to throw himself from his seventh floor hotel balcony after having learnt that thanks to the French air traffic controllers' strike, he had lost his flight home. The incident happened on Tuesday morning when Palmanova Guardia Civil received a call from the hotel in Magalluf where he was staying, which reported that one of its clients was refusing to come out of his room. When the police arrived, they found the 66-year-old Frenchman with a pair of scissors in one hand balancing on a chair on the balcony threatening to either slit his throat or jump.

When he saw the police and fire fighters arrived, he apparently grew even more nervous and all the members of the security and emergency services in uniform were ordered out of the area.

However, a member of the Guardia Civil slipped into a chef's uniform from the kitchen and, after an hour of negotiations, he managed to convince the holiday maker to come down. He was then taken to Son Espases Hospital.