Palma.—Open warfare broke out yesterday, between the opposition left wing parties, after the spokesperson and former Secretary General of the centre right ruling Partido Popular, in the Balearics, Miguel Ramis, went on record admitting that the party hired a team of private detectives to investigate certain activities carried out by the Socialist-led left wing government coalition, in 2010.

Apparently, over 4'000 euros was spent on hiring detectives to investigate whether the then ruling coalition used public funds to pay for a trip to Andalusia.

Yesterday, the PSIB Balearic Socialist Party, accused the PP's strategy of spying as being an attack on the country's rule of law and alleged that this is not an isolated incident, suggesting that the PP regularly used private detectives to investigate anyone they did not like or those who felt could be a political threat.

Spokesperson for the PSIB, Pilar Costa said that what is even worse are claims that the PP, used detectives to snoop on judges and State prosecutors.
As far as the Socialists are concerned, Ramis may just be the messenger and certainly was not acting alone and that while he should be sacked, President Bauza should call an emergency parliamentary session to explain what has been going on, because none of the opposition parties believe that he knew nothing abut the party's activities.