By Humphrey Carter A team of fire fighters remained at the scene of the weekend's forest fire in Capdepera yesterday while Balearic Environment Minister made a public plea for extreme caution this summer. The fire, which started on Friday, was not brought under control and extinguished until Sunday and, with a light wind in the east of the island, fire fighters were taking no chances and left a team on guard at the fire scene. The bush fire destroyed 65 hectares of wood and scrub land in Canyamel and, while the cause of the fire remains unknown, the Minister called for caution yesterday with arson and human negligence the most common causes of forest fires. Font who visited the scene on Friday, said that the Canyamel blaze was very difficult to fight because of the harsh terrain. Despite various helicopters and aircraft involved in the operation, it took two days to extinguish the flames. Font said that fire crews were remain in the area for next few days and continue to douse the worst effected areas to make sure the situation is safe. “There is no further danger,” the minister said “this is a standard precaution.” This was the first forest fire of the summer and one of the biggest for the past years. The Canadair forest fire fighting aircraft, which will be based in the Port of Pollensa, was not due to start operations in the Balearics until next Wednesday and had to fly out to Capdepera from Madrid when the alarm was raised on Friday.