STAFF REPORTER OVER 200 residents and farmers in Sant Jordi joined forces on Friday to hold a protest over Palma City Council's failure to exterminate the ongoing mosquito plague which has reportedly been making local life a misery.

The banner waving demonstrators were backed up with a heavy artillery of tractors which mobilised around the Can Prunes roundabout on the road between s'Aranjassa and Llucmajor.

The protesters' demands were clear - “would Palma City Council and other local government institutions please help bring an end to the misery caused by the mosquito plague swarming over the stagnant waters of Sant Jordi's plain.” The pestilence has apparently been going on for years and has been attributed to poor drainage under low-lying land. The resulting pools of water are ideal breeding grounds for the insect.

Protesters warned that if the government does not help them restore normality, there will be further demonstrations. Sant Jordi residents were joined by neighbours from