Palma.—“I owe everything to my wonderful wife Renee who has taken a back seat, for all she's done to support me. I don't have an allotment and I don't go fishing. In fact I don't have any hobbies. My entire life has been spent either working in showbiz or raising money for charity. “Many in Majorca know me for my charity work on the island. For eight years I was Robert Winsor MBE's right hand man to help organise his amazingly successful Golf Tournaments which raised just under two million euros for Majorca's disabled children. “At the moment I am in Marbella supporting the Max Clifford Celebrity Golf Challenge for the Rhys Daniels Trust. All I can say is what better place to receive my OBE? Tonight's Butterfly Ball is expected to raise £50'000 to bring the total to £100'000 for children with leukaemia. “I am surrounded by celebrities including: Stacey Solomons, Gareth Gates, Stan Boardman and legendary footballer Rodney Marsh. It's been such an exciting day with calls from all over the world, particularly my fellow Majorcan homeowners. Andrew Lloyd Webber was one of the first to call to congratulate me (I was his original Joseph) followed by Bill Kenright and to illustrate the variety of friends I have, the next call was from Leapy Lee.” “I only have one regret,” said the boy who was born in Brixton South London. “I just wish my mother was alive to see her Jessie Boy get the OBE she would have been so proud.”