Palma.—There were hearty congratulations given to the management of Cabrera National Park by Oceana yesterday for their commitment to giving official protection to a wider area of water in Cabrera's nature reserve.

The park's management consists of representatives from several institutions, including fishermen's associations, local authorities, the Balearic government and Central government.

Following scientific investigation off the Balearic coastline over a number of years, Oceana had advised the management earlier this year that beyond the current boundaries of the park's marine limits, there are delicate undersea eco-systems which are playing host to a noticeably wide variety of threatened species.

Xavier Pastor, Executive Director of Oceana Europe said that the extension of Cabrera park's boundaries will afford protection to “extraordinarily productive habitats” and stave off the threat to their survival from dragnet trawling.

Apart from slowing the destruction of the Balearic marine environment, said Pastor, further protection will actually promote sustainable fishing methods which have been practiced in the region for generations.

He also pointed out that the move to increase the size of the park had been supported by all political colours in Parliament so a change of government won't have an impact on the programme to widen the borders.