Palma.—The biggest, short film, festival in the world is coming to Palma, for the first time this month and showing some of the finest cinematographic productions from different countries and presenting local artists with the opportunity to not only, enjoy new movie productions and interact with other artists but also, to present projects to be considered for future events.

Future Short Film Festival, was created in London, 10 years ago, and is shown in different cities around the world every four seasons of the year, reaching an audience of around 40.000 people.

The Palma event, will take place in Molta Bar, Casco Antiguo on Saturday the 29th.
Original language
Films will be shown in their original language with subtitles and include productions from the United States, such as The Chair, 38-39C and Whiplash.
Visitors have a chance to vote at the end for their favourite movie.
Those votes will then be sent to London, where a panel of judges will analyse them and publish the results on social media pages.
Organiser of the event Daniel Sastre, told the Bulletin that the team was excited about the project, after receiving some very encouraging feedback, leaving in the air the possibility of making the festival a regular calendar event. “The people of Balearics have been great. “We have spoken with a lot of artists, movie enthusiasts and friends and the feedback was extremely positive. “They want to colaborate with us and be involved.” The response recieved by the team is nonetheless causing some concern that the space provided for the event will become a problem.