SEVEN projects presented in the Balearics will receive grants totalling 100'000 euros from the social services Foundation of La Caixa, a spokesman said yesterday. More specifically, the Foundation has chosen six projects dedicated to promoting the social integration of people who are in a situation of, or have a risk of, social exclusion. These will given a total grant of 84'600 euros. The other project is an initiative from an association which promotes the social integration of invalids and this will receive a grant of 16'000 euros. These projects form part of the “Social exclusion programme 2005” and “Incapacity 2005”, for which the La Caixa Foundation has set aside almost 4.3 and 3.8 million euros respectively, which represents a budget increase of 60 and 65 percent in comparison with 2004. Among those being given grants are the Anti AIDS Association, who will receive 12'000 euros to help those suffering from or affected by the disease, and Proyecto Hombre who will receive 5'800 euros to start a programme of dependency treatment for women.