By Humphrey Carter CALVIA police are understood to be reviewing their “softly softly” approach to security during the World Cup after scores of England fans clashed in Magalluf after England's disappointing 1-1 draw against the United States on Saturday night.

An estimated 5'000 fans had gathered in Plaza Pitiuses, where a big screen had been erected, for the 8.30pm kick off and with beer on sale for either a euro or 1.50, tensions sparked at around 10pm as scuffles began to break out in the area with different gangs throwing bottles at each other.

Calvia Local Police, which had not only increased the number of police on the beat by 40, were using their new canine unit for the first time and they were quick to intervene before the situation escalated.

Apparently, the police had dealt with a series of minor fights throughout the day, mainly caused by excess alcohol consumption.
15 members of a special Guardia Civil anti-disturbance unit were on patrol in the resort but eye witnesses said that the Local Police and the Guardia Civil kept their helmets in their vehicles. “The police appeared to have the situation under control relatively quickly and there was no major riot, just a number of isolated fights,” the eyewitness said yesterday.

However, the 061 emergency service did have to treat a series of minor injuries, primarily cuts, caused by the carpet of glass from the hundreds of bottles used as missiles by the fighting gangs.

The Bulletin reported on Saturday that, officially, the council had not drawn up any special World Cup security plans. “They are going to monitor the first few games and see how the holiday makers respond,” Calvia Councillor Kate Mentink said.

However, after Saturday night's clashes, it is understood that a special World Cup security drill was held at the Local Police's firing range last night as police chiefs assess what happened on Saturday and review their security policy for the rest of the tournament, in particular the England games.

The next England match is this Friday night against Algeria and fans can expect to be greeted by a much heavier police presence.
Bar owners are hoping that the council does not order a major crackdown as it will most likely affect their takings.