Palma.—The National Police's Family Attention Unit has arrested a 14-year-old girl in connection with at least 58 muggings in and around the capital.
According to police sources, the 14-year-old ethnic gypsy was the head of a gang of violent and extremely active teenage thieves of varying ages.
It appears that the prime targets of the gang were cosmetic stores and supermarkets.
Their modus operandi was to enter the target shop and begin screaming and shouting threats at the staff and, on occasions, physically attack the staff and cashiers in an attempt to distract them while other members of the gang ransacked the store.

Police sources said yesterday that goods worth over 2'000 euros were stolen in some of the latest robberies.
The young teenager was apparently known to the police and considered to be extremely conflictive and, until she recently celebrated her 14th birthday, had been more or less immune.

Minor injuries
But, now that she is 14, she is old enough to have been detained and appear before a juvenile court.
The prosecution is recommending that the young girl be held indefinitely in a juvenile detention centre because of her violent tendencies and the aggressive nature of the crimes committed which in some cases have left staff and cashiers suffering from minor injuries. The prosecution is advocating that she be held as long as possible until the teenager shows signs of responding to a rehabilitation programme and of recognising her crimes before she is fit to return to society.

The age of the criminal has shocked many sections of the social services.