By Humphrey Carter

A new European citizens' lobby group has been born here in Majorca and tomorrow, it will be holding its first media and public presentations.
Europeos Por España has its committee of leading local business people established with Richard Porter as President and Calvia Councillor Kate Mentink, Honorary President, and the primary aims of the new “social movement” is to lobby regional and national government over issues which are important to the European community here in Majorca.

Others aims, according to their web site are to promote the integration and active participation of European citizens in political life in Spain, encourage citizens to register (the Padrón) in their municipality of residence and on the Census of EU residents, thereby enabling them to vote in local and European elections.

The association believes that if all non-Spanish European citizens exercise their right to vote in Spain, then it will be able to lobby for EU citizens to participate in national elections, something they do not have the right to do at the moment. The association is open to all nationalities living on the island and the web site will provide helpful information. It will also be hosting live debates come the end of the summer once the association is well and truly established.

Issues such as residents permits, the recent debacle over the change in electricity billing and the forthcoming free-electricity market, which is going to lead to even further hikes in electricity bills, are examples of issues which the new association is going to act on, at both regional and national levels, on behalf of the public. The public presentation, which is going to be held in Spanish, English and German, is being held at the Hotel Ponent Mar in Son Caliu at 8pm and the committee is hoping for a large turn out.

This afternoon, the Bulletin will be interviewing the President of the Association, Richard Porter, if you have any questions, email them to