By Humphrey Carter

THE latest market survey in the UK has revealed that overseas holidays, in particular to sun, sea and sand destinations, remain a top priority for most Britons.

According to the results of the survey carried out by, holidays remain a top priority with consumers admitting that they would sacrifice other expenditures to ensure they enjoy an overseas break.

Apparently, in order to guarantee an overseas trip, of 4'000 Britons canvassed as part of the research 20 percent are prepared to sacrifice nights out, 14 percent would prefer to live without the latest gadgets and 14 percent admitted that they would prefer a holiday than designer goods.

However, 20 percent said that they would rather go into debt in order to go on holiday than make any sacrifices to save money.
Although, 80 percent of adults would be prepared to give up their monthly luxury allowance in favour of an overseas holiday. And, there is encouraging news for the Balearics.

Sun, sea and sand holidays continue to be the most popular with 40 percent of those polled opting for a beach holiday.
20 percent favour shopping breaks, 27 percent a retreat to a spa and 26 percent prefer cultural city breaks.
With the Balearics a one-time leader in the sun, sea and sand holiday market, local tourism chiefs should take note of the research and not ignore the foundations of the Balearic tourist industry.

The spa market is expanding significantly in the Balearics and the government is making a concerted effort to promote the island's cultural tourism sector as well as improve the region's image as a short break destination with summer initiatives such as the Thursday Night Fever late night shopping campaign launched only this week. ebookers said that holidays have become such an integral part of people's lives, holiday makers are committed to ensuring they do not miss out on their annual overseas breaks.

The research has found that while everybody has had to tighten their belts because of the recession, Britons prefer to sacrifice the luxuries in life instead of a holiday.