Palma.—The new Partido Popular City Council spokesman, Julio Martinez gave details yesterday of appointments agreed on at its first meeting held on Monday although the exact structure of Isern's new team remains provisional pending final discussions .

The eight directors, who as well as their invidual responsibilities assume the title of “Mayor's Deputy,” fine-tuned the organisation of the City Council's administrative services. Each municipal sector of Palma has a different Council member responsible for overseeing its smooth running.

Simultaneously, the meeting officially disempowered those members of the Council who had been on the previous ruling Socialist team under Mayor Aina Calvo and directors who had been in charge of specific council services such as street cleaning, public transport, health, etcetera. In terms of the new appointments, Martinez emphasized that for the moment, all that had been outlined was the new organisational structure of the City Council and it had not been determined how many jobs will go nor the budget that the new management will involve. Plans are, Martinez said to reduce staff and spending on salaries by at least 25 percent. A selection of the new positions confirmed yesterday were Fernando Gonzalez as Director of Town Planning; Communications will be headed by Angel Neila and Tourism by Javier Bonet. Citizen Safety will be put in the hands of Enrique Calvo whilst Guillermo Sanchez will organise Social Welfare. Education, Family and Equality issues will be managed by Sonia Valenzuela. Jose Antonio Garcia is Economy and Tax Chief whilst Antolin Garcia will head up the department of the Interior.