By Wendy Peters Calvia.—Four months have passed since I spoke to Cameron Springthorpe, a thirty six year old yacht skipper, whose mission was to help his local community by starting ‘Street Angels' here in Majorca and last weekend his mission came to fruition, when a team of Street Angels volunteers patrolled Santa Ponsa, for the very first time.

Street Angels began in Halifax, Yorkshire in 2005, and was adopted by over a hundred towns and cities throughout the UK, since its inception the crime rate has dropped 42 percent.

Cameron, explained what motivated him to introduce Street Angels, to Majorca. “Over the last couple of years seeing news reports about the ongoing trouble in Magalluf and living in El Toro … Magalluf is almost on our doorstep, so we felt we should do something. Close friends of ours had set up Street Angels in Yorkshire, seven years ago, so we knew about it from them; they explained how Street Angels is now in over a hundred towns and cities in the UK and is hugely successful. My wife and I are members of the Santa Ponsa Community Church and we wanted to do something practical to help people get home safely, our friends at the church also felt the same. This weekend Paul and Jean Blakey, founders of Street Angels in the UK joined us, the Majorca branch, on our first weekend.”