Palma.—The United States Navy guided missile cruiser, Hue City, the only vessel to be named after a battle in the Vietnam war, docked in the port of Palma, yesterday.

The cruiser, laid down in 1989, and whose home port is in Mayport, Florida, stands out not only for its history but also for the impressive armoury, at its disposal. The Hue City, often considered one of the finest surface combatants in the world, due to its versatility at sea, is armed wit Mk46 torpedoes and Tomahawks missiles. Annually, the ship hosts a ‘Battle of Hue Memorial Service' attended by the ship's company and veterans of the battle from the Marines, Navy corpsmen, and attached units.

Initially, the Hue City was to be named LHA-5 as USS Khe Sanh after the Battle of Khe Sanh, but it was later changed to honour those who had fought in the Vietnam battle.

The three battalion commanders, from the 1st Marine Regiment, who fought in Vietnam, during the 1968 Tet Offensive, were the honoured guests at her 1991, commissioning.

The Hue City, wich sails under the motto, Fidelity, Courage, Honour, was assigned in 2003, to Destroyer Squadron 2, meaning she is now employed in a variety of roles, all of which involve gaining and maintaining sea control, as well as projecting power ashore.

The crew arrived in Palma, during one of the hottest weeks of this year so far and will have the chance to enjoy some well deserved time off, in the Balearic sunshine.

The Hue City at the moment is assigned to the U.S. Meditteranean Fleet.