By Humphrey Carter SUPER YACHT owners, most of whom are the world's richest and powerful people, are becoming increasingly worried about their security after a special web site has been set up by international yacht enthusiasts charting the movements of many of the world's largest yachts. From Palma, to Puerto Portals and Ibiza to marinas and yacht clubs across the world, the web site features all the very latest super yacht arrivals and departures - it even states if a yacht is moored in port or is moored off. Alternatively, click on the name of the yacht and the web site will produce all the latest information about its movements as well as the history and statistics of the vessel. However, while exciting for the international community of yacht enthusiasts, super yacht owners have been expressing their annoyance at, what some have described, a breach of privacy. One of the main attractions of owning a super yacht is the privacy and seclusion it offers. But now, enthusiasts are charting the movements of super yachts around the globe and, despite the strict privacy about yachts in port and their occupants guarded by marinas and yacht club authorities, interested parties can access nearly all the information they need. Having spent millions of pounds on yacht security, some of the more private and elusive super yacht owners have complained about the web site, while wealthy clients who will be paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to charter a super yacht this summer, may not feel comfortable with the idea that their every movement is being logged on line. The Balearics, in particular Majorca, is one of the most popular super yacht destinations in the world during the summer. Over the next few months, many of the largest and most expensive yachts afloat will appear off the coast or in port. Recently the Leander and Limitless have sailed in to the Club de Mar in Palma while Lady Marina, once chartered by Hollywood actor Michael Douglas, according to the yacht spotter web site, is moored off Ibiza.

The Talitha G which was once chartered by Tom Cruise and his ex-wife Nicole Kidman for a Balearic cruise was yesterday at anchor off Port Gallice in the South of France.