THE Balearic Ministry of Public Works and Transport has finished cleaning the seabed in the Port of Andratx.
The Ministry has invested 47'135.44 euros in this work and have recovered enough rubbish to fill five large skips.
Balearic Government sources said that a team formed by three divers and a surface worker with an auxiliary boat and a group of lorry drivers did the clean up. Thanks to them all the rubbish on the seabed of the port has been recovered, among them a great many wheels, wire, tyres and batteries, in addition to bicycles and a supermarket trolley. In total, it filled five containers which were subsequently inspected to separate the contents for recycling. The clean up of the seabed in the Port of Andratx was part of the campaign which the Government is carrying out in all of the ports managed by the local Government. This year, they said, the ports of Colonia Sant Jordi, Portopetro and Portocristo had been cleaned.