Joan Collins GOB, the environmental group, has started a campaign to stop the “building aggression and infractions of the law” in Andratx, where it considers that this state of affairs has “reached unimaginable proportions”. GOB sources complained about “the destruction of the countryside” and “illegal buildings” in the coastal area and in the town of Andratx, and insists that the building was carried out with “the blessing of the council”. The environmental organisation said that they had been in contact with the Council of Majorca, the Public Prosecutors Office and Andratx council to inform them of the “supposed infractions” and to demand “forceful action” to “stop the current situation”. According to GOB, Andratx has some “out of date” subsidiary rules which date from the 1960s and 70s which “have not been adapted to the current land laws and regulations”. GOB warned that this situation allows “an exaggerated urban development” and “a return to the age of the first boom in tourism and construction” and “the complete destruction of areas such as Camp de Mar, Cala Llamp, Cala Moragues, the port of Andratx and Cala Mermecen”. In addition, according to GOB's estimates, the “indiscriminate” building in the country and in natural areas of special interest is ruining the countryside and causing major problems. In GOB's opinion, the solution to this “problem” is for the residents to join the campaign they have started to protest about the “urban infractions, unlicensed works, works which breach the conditions of the licence, aggressions and disfigurations of the countryside” and “illegal licences”. The environmental group insists that in Andratx “they have both the right and the obligation to have a modern set of urban regulations, adapted to the laws and plans which are currently in force” and that, at the same time, they should stop the urban growth which “affects the whole area”.