BALEARIC Animal Welfare Group, Baldea, is organising an anti-bullfighting protest outside the municipal bullring in Muro tomorrow.
Baldea's public relations officer, Carmen Rojas, said yesterday that the demonstration is being held to protest against a tradition which “tortures animals with the public's money.” Rojas, who is also a delegate of the Anti-bullfighting League, Pacma, confirmed that the protest will start from Palma where a coach will be made available to transport those who are interested in joining the demonstration in Muro. It will leave from the Moll Vell at 3.15pm, stopping off at Inca, and take protesters as far as the bullring in Muro. After a break for a picnic, the group plans to set up stands to provide information to the public on what organisations belong to Baldea - such as the Centro Canino in Palma - and to speak to people about its activities to stop bullfighting and other cruel traditions.

The bullfight in Muro is the first and most important of this year's season.