Restaurant owners in Santa Catalina, Blanquerna and along the Avenidas in Palma, have asked Palma City Council to extend their opening hours during the Summer season until 1am, similar to what already happens in other parts of the city.

Businesses in the areas concerned currently close at midnight during the week and at 12.30am on weekends as opposed to restaurants along the Paseo de Mallorca, Jaime III, La Rambla, Unio and Antoni Maura area, which are allowed to stay open until much later.

Deputy Mayor, Irene San Gil, has asked owners to submit their proposals in writing and promised to analyse them carefully as opposed to another petition, this one from the restaurants along the sea front who are asking to extend their opening hours past 1am, something San Gil, was adamant, it will not happen.

The Council, is also studying the licenses restaurants own and how they are awarded depending on which street they are in, as well as the value of the rent during Summer and Winter.

San Gil added, that an inspection team working with the authorities (the green patrol) will be sent to Plaza del Coll after the Council received complaints that some establishments are using more than the terrace space allocated to them, and whether the existing terraces are in the right position.