THE Socialist Party have accused the Balearic Government of “turning their backs” on the small and medium sized businesses in the tourism industry, who are in danger due to the “problems” caused by the all-inclusive package holidays. These statements were made yesterday by the spokesperson for the Socialist Party, Francina Armengol at a press conference. She stated that the Government has let the Balearic tourism industry fall “into the hands of the free market”. Celesti Alomar, the Socialist delegate accompanied Francina Armengol to the press conference and highlighted that there is a “lack of illusion” amongst the feelings of the Balearic business owners, “especially in Majorca”, to face up and fight these new changes in the tourism industry. During April and May, Celesti Alomar, Lorenzo Bravo (Secretary General of a main Trade Union), Isabel Oliver (Congressional Socialist Delegate) and Joan Miralles (a representative from the restaurant sector) met with people who have businesses located in Cala Millor, Alcudia, Cala D'Or, Paguera and Playa de Palma. All these business owners have been affected by the new all-inclusvie package holidays. At one of the meetings a specific case was highlighted which has happened in the Port of Pollensa, “where a hotel now offers all-inclusive packages and the result has left all the shops and bars deserted”, said Celesti Alomar. “A diverse and worried” public turned up at these meetings, the Socialist delegate added.
As a consequence of these meetings, the Socialist Party drew up a report detailing their conclusions. This report was presented yesterday at the press conference by Celesti Alomar. The conclusions of this report state that the traditional tourism market has been severely hit by this tourism crisis. However, other holiday industries have not been affected. “The main challenge” is to strengthen the direct trading of the Balearic tourism market. “We need to get closer to the clients and strengthen the direct relationships, especially by using television advertising campaigns”, said Celesti Alomar. With the arrival of these all-inclusive packages in the Balearic Islands, the intermediary businesses (for example, the tour operators) are also losing out, said the Socialist Delegate. These tour operators are losing their power, as consumers more and more often contact the hotels direct, without needing to use an intermediary.
Therefore, Francina Armengol, is demanding that a focus group is created in the Tourism Commission. In addition, he is asking for more campaigns to be used which will control the quality of the services offered at those hotels with all-inclusive packages.