Joan Collins GUARDIA Civil officers have arrested 12 Rumanians suspected of being part of a gang whose activities were dedicated to robbing tourists with violence and carrying out robberies in shopping centres on Majorca. The majority of those arrested have previous “form”, having been arrested in Palma, Barcelona and the Canary Islands. It appears that the gang, whose members ages range between 21 and 50, used rented cars which were obtained using false documents. They also gave false addresses, according to Guardia Civil sources. During the operation the Guardia Civil, who had already solved a great many of the robberies committed by this gang, seized numerous documents, a great number of clothes, bottles of perfume and jewels. These arrests are the result of an investigation which was opened by the Guardia Civil after various Rumanians were arrested for stealing a handbag from a British citizen in Son Servera.

Those arrested were found to have on them fake Italian identity cards and fake Belgian and Italian driving licences.
The Guardia Civil's investigations led to a house in Cas Concos which was apparently being used by the suspects.
It was at this house that a woman and two men were arrested, according the Guardia Civil.
Perfume, clothes and various documents were found in the house.
At the same time, the Guardia Civil in Santanyi arrested two men and a woman accused of having tried to steal a wallet from a tourist, together with another person. This other person was later arrested together with another woman in another house.
Hidden in this house were jewels, perfume, money and documents.
During the recovery of the stolen items in this house, another suspect was captured.
According to the Guardia Civil, this person was about to enter the house but tried to escape when he saw them.