ADOPTIONS of dogs and cats made through the Animal Protection Centre in Son Reus increased by 42 percent (to 947) between January and May 2006 in comparison with the same period last year. Palma council attributed this increase to the success of information campaigns launched in the city to encourage the adoption of these animals.
During a press conference, the director of the Centre, Pedro Morell, highlighted the importance of making people aware that, in addition to purchasing an animal, it is also possible to adopt one, which is a cheaper option and also saves the lives of many cats and dogs as, after 15 days in the centre, if nobody has asked to adopt them they are put down. This tragic end for the animals is due to the fact that it is impossible to keep them all in the Centre, as the space is limited. There are always more coming in as more dogs are abandoned in Palma than in the rest of the island. Last year the Centre took in a total of 2'473 abandoned dogs. Up to May this year a total of 1'207 had been taken in.