THE Spanish airline cabin crew union, Sitcpla, says that Spanair's strike planned for tomorrow is going ahead but the company is still intending to run all flights scheduled to and from the Balearics.

The stoppage, said Spanair, will mean that 25 flights will be cancelled over ten of their regular routes, out of the 373 which are programmed for that day.

Sitcpla called a meeting of its members on 25 June and has announced strike days as follows: 1, 9, 15 and 31 July; 1, 15 and 31 August; and from there on the 1, 15, and 30 or 31 of each month. The reasons for the protest include dissatisfaction with working conditions, excess workload and lack of staff.

A Union spokesman said that “although the inconvenience to the travelling public was much regretted, members are agreed that they have the option to defend their rights.” He added that the strike should not be blamed purely on the cabin staff but also on the company. The spokesman confirmed that the Union had done its utmost to reach an agreement with management and that it remained open to “positive dialogue.” However, he furthered that at this time, there were no “signals” coming from the directorate at Spanair that they were prepared to settle the demands of their employees.

Some of the flights which are to be cancelled are four between Madrid and Barcelona, two on the Madrid-Copenhagen route, two between Madrid and Frankfurt, two between Madrid and Bilbao, two between Madrid and Jerez, two on the Madrid-Malaga route and one between Madrid and Valencia.