MAJORCA continues to be one of the cheapest destinations for British holidaymakers, according to tour operator Thomas Cook.
The company has just published the results of its Holiday Cost of Living survey for this year.
And despite the fact that the euro is continuing to strengthen against the pound, the survey found that it is still cheaper for Britons to spend their summer holidays abroad rather than at home.

Majorca came in eighth in Thomas Cook's top ten cheapest holiday destinations for this summer with an average daily spend of 57.80 pounds.
This was calculated on the average cost of 15 typical goods and services that Britons spend their money on while on holiday.
These are: a draught beer, bottle of beer, double spirit and mixer, litre of petrol, loaf of bread, litre of milk, can of Coke, UK paper, suntan lotion, three-course meal, bottle of wine, ice cream, cup of coffee, five mile taxi ride and a packet of cigarettes.

Goa topped the Thomas Cook list with an average daily spend of 29.27 pounds, followed by Morocco (44.12), Bulgaria (47.20), Cuba (47.52), Turkey (53.50), Tunisia (53.54), Madeira (54.90), Majorca (57.80), Florida (59.25) and Croatia (59.55).

The report also listed the average cost of a pint of beer in these destinations with Cuba coming in at the top spot (0.58 pounds), followed by Goa (0.75), Bulgaria (1.00), Turkey (1.85), Majorca (1.86), Croatia (1.90), Madeira (2.00), Tunisia (2.50), Florida and Morocco (3.00).

The price of this basket of goods and services in all these destinations is cheaper than the 72.36 pounds that Thomas Cook estimates it costs Britons to stay at home for their holidays.

The report points out that though there have been increases in the cost of these goods and services, they are not so much as to significantly affect British tourists. In some destinations, such as the Algarve, the Canaries and Italy, prices have remained more or less the same.

The Managing Director of Financial Services at Thomas Cook, Mark Nancarrow, said: “The Holiday Cost of Living reassures Brits that going abroad is not going to be as expensive as they may expect.” “Prices may have increased slightly but most destinations work out cheaper than equivalent breaks in Britain,” he added. “And, with the British weather as unpredictable as ever, going abroad guarantees you the holiday essential of sunshine at no extra cost.” Prices are higher in long-haul destinations such as the Maldives, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Mexico, the report points out, but most packages are all-inclusive, which means many of the same goods and services are included in the price.