Palma.—Tom Daley is currently in Majorca with the rest of the male and female British Olympic Diving Team, sponsored by British Gas.
The team is training at the Son Hugo complex and once they return to the UK, will continue their final Olympic preparations behind closed doors in a “lock down” environment like all of the other teams.

However, yesterday, certain press access was permitted to the training camp which has been organised by Matthew O'Connor and Blue Water Training Camps or BEST Centre, and 19-year-old Tom Daley had a very important message for young British holiday makers this summer.

During talks with the British Consul to the Balearics, Paul Abrey, who had headed to Son Hugo to wish the team all the best of luck in the Olympics, Daley was made aware that there have already been six balcony fall cases in Majorca this summer and was quite shocked.

Abrey explained that steps are being taken to try and combat the problem and that any advice or warning from a “superstar” like Daley could have a very profound affect. “Diving is always one of those things that has to be carried out in a controlled environment. “You can't do it jumping off rocks or balconies, anything like that. It's not the thing to do. You are going to get injured, you are going to hurt yourself. In the sea, you don't know if there are going to be rocks down there but, especially if you are diving off balconies into pools, you don't know how deep the pool is, you don't know how far the actual gap is because they can be deceiving and, considering the island has lovely pools like the one we're training at here, why not come down and dive here, not off balconies?” Daley said. “And, if you are going in the sea or doing any form of swimming, don't take drink or take any drugs before because it's stupid. “You don't know what you're doing, you'll be unaware of the real situation so you're more likely to run into trouble or drown so it's just not cool. “So, it's best to leave the diving to the professionals,” Daley warned.
And, when it comes to London 2012, he intends to be as professional as possible and is impressed with the set up here in Majorca. “It's great. The gym and gymnastic areas are excellent, the pool set up here is great too as is the scenery and the weather. It's brilliant being out in the sun. What's not to like about Majorca. “But, with regards to the Olympics, I've just to go out there and put in the best six dives I possibly can do because diving is such an on the day sport, nobody quite knows what is going to happen so for me, I just have to go in there working as hard as I possibly can before- hand and put in the six best dives I can. “And what is more, it's great going in to the Olympics and knowing that everyone in that crowd will be cheering for British people, so it's going to be an amazing atmosphere and everyone in England is already getting really excited at the moment. “Confident, yeah I am. I think my main competitors are the Russians and the Chinese who have been doing pretty well lately but I know what I'm capable of,” he added.