Palma.—Eroski supermarkets and the Balearic government have teamed up to launch the largest ever campaign at Palma airport, promoting quality products manufactured or grown in the Balearic Islands.

The promotion, open to the public from today until 15th September, is a commercial strategy aimed at encouraging visitors to sample regional produce.
The campaign presentation took place yesterday at the Arrivals terminal at Palma airport where a stand over three metres high has been set up.
From this advertising display point, half a million maps of Majorca will be handed out to tourists showing the 50 outlets that Eroski has on the island in which local quality products can be bought.

Biel Company, Balearic Minister for the Environment, Territory and Agriculture accompanied by Alfredo Herráez, Director for Eroski in Majorca gave a full explanation of what was on offer in the campaign.

Both men said that the key strategy of the Eroski and Balearic government joint venture was to entice all airport users, but particularly tourists to invest in Balearic products and take them back to their country of origin. Company applauded the work of Eroski in launching the promotion. “The Eroski team has become nothing other than a fine ambassador for quality Balearic products,” said the Minister.
Select products
Eroski have devised seven different product selections for tourists to buy, ranging from 15 to 20 euros in price.
Each is a a separate combination designed to display the variety and quality produce at its best. “Since 2003, we've had a policy of promoting Balearic produce,” confirmed Herráez yesterday. “Last year, we managed to sell in the region of 70 million euros worth of such products. “This year, sales up until June have been such that we're expecting to supersede that figure by the end of the year.”