THE future Station Park in Palma will take over 54'000 square metres, will cost 12 million euros and will be finished by 2007.
This project, which also includes the transformation of calle Jacinto Verdaguer, was presented yesterday by the Mayor of Palma, Catalina Cirer.
In total the two areas will take up 100'000 square metres, of which 85 percent will be green or pedestrianised areas, assured Catalina Cirer.
The aims of this project are to offer a high quality public transport service, to improve the connections between towns and to create more space for residents which up until now has been occupied by the train lines. Even though the calle Jacinto Verdaguer will become a three lane road, instead of a green area as requested by many residents, the Head of Traffic, Alvaro Gijon, said that high priority for this project has been given to the pedestrians. Pavements will be improved and crossing traffic lights will also be installed. He also said 100 percent of the resident's requests were not met, but the resulting project will alleviate the traffic problems.