THE structure of Palma Aquarium has now been finished and within two weeks work on the gardens will begin, where an open tank containing hammerhead sharks and a second tank containing turtles will be sited. The project is being carried out by Coral World International, which is an American-Israeli corporation, and it is situated next to the Ses Fontanelles park. After finishing the last touches to the outside of the building, work is continuing in the interior.
The facilities are being extended by around 54'000 square metres and the aquarium will have 55 fish tanks housing 4'000 fish of 400 different species.
There are decorative motifs in the interior (depending on the theme of each of the galleries) and three water pumps have been placed 50 metres below ground level to collect water which, after treatment, will be fed into the fish tanks. Since last Monday, “a North American team has been fixing the acrylic panels in each of the fish tanks and in the main tank”, said David Oliver, who is directing the work. The main tank has a 3.5 million litre capacity and is 9 metres deep, 30 metres long and 22 metres wide. The countdown has started to “the four month deadline to process the salt water and guarantee well being of the fish”. “The pumps are already installed so we can begin circulating the water”, added Oliver.