Palma.—The rebels, so-called “indignados” demanding social justice and democratic reform still camped out in Plaza España were subject to a further attack yesterday.

A spokesman for the campers said that the latest incident had happened at around 4.45am when a motorcyle ridden by two people drove by. The mystery couple, whose faces were hidden by the helmets they were wearing then hurled a lighted flare at the encampment. It fell on the top of the tent in which a woman was sleeping alongside her small daughter. The swift action of the indignados who had witnessed the event succeeded in extinguishing the flames, forestalling a situation which could have resulted in serious injury. Not only could the campers not get a good facial look at their attackers, but witnesses also registered the fact that the motorcyle, which took off at high speed after the flare had been thrown had no registration number.

The campers decided to lodge an official complaint with the Police because prior to the flare attack, a van drove through Plaza España with a number of youths in it who were shouting death threats at the campers and pointing a flare gun at them. Already last Wednesday, a crudely made firework and flare device had ignited in a waste bin in Plaza España injuring three members of the public by a bus stop, one of whom had to be taken to hospital.

A day before this first explosion, a group of “indignados” posting advertisements about yesterday's protest march, were acosted by “neonazis” in Calle Olmos. Meanwhile, the “indignados” are to decide on Tuesday whether or not to decamp and set up the next phase of their mission, information points.