Palma.—The Balearics attracted a total of 1, 364, 426 foreign visitors last month, 13.2 percent more than during May last year and this trend is set to continue throughout the summer season, according to industry experts in the UK.

The British and German markets have been the dominant ones in the Balearics but it appears that nationwide, the British are fuelling what is being forecast as another record breaking tourist season.

Spanish tourism notched up its best ever May figures, with the country receiving 5.8 million visitors, seven percent more than in May 2012.
That is the best May figure ever recorded by the country since the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism kicked off its Frontur survey of tourism numbers. Visitors from the UK and Germany were the biggest contributors to the boom.

May saw 1.5 million UK arrivals in Spain', up 9.3 percent on a year ago.
German numbers, meanwhile were up 13.2 percent to come in at just under a million.
Also adding to the bonanza month were French tourists.
Some 809'838 people from France visited Spain in May, according to Frontur.
But it was not all good news on the tourism front.
The number of Italian visitors was down 16.4 percent year on year, part of an ongoing decline.
In terms of destinations, Catalonia was the number one pick for visitors, with the Balearics and Andalusia taking second and third place.
During the first five months of this year, the Balearics has welcomed 2'546'399 visitors from overseas, 11.5 percent more than during the same period last year and the on going conflict in Turkey, one of the Balearics main competitors, is also benefiting the island with holiday markets opting for the Balearics to avoid the violence which is rocking the country.

The hotel federations have already noticed an increase in demand for capacity from UK and German tour operators to meet demand.