Palma.—A 22-year-old Irish holiday maker was rushed to Son Espases Hospital in the early hours of yesterday morning after falling six metres from a balcony in Santa Ponsa.

The alarm was raised at 2am and Local Police and Guardia Civil units rushed to the scene of the incident at the Deya Apartment block in which the victim was staying with a group of friends who had booked two apartments.

According to eyewitness reports and police sources, it appears that the victim had been involved in a fight and when he fell, was trying to climb from one balcony to another, perhaps to get away from the people he had been involved in the fight with.

One of his travel companions raised the alarm when he found his friend on the floor.
The block which comprises 158 self-catering apartments is built on different levels and at first it was thought that the young man had fallen from a fourth floor balcony, however it transpired that the fall had been six metres.

Within minutes, paramedics were on the scene.
The 22-year-old apparently kept losing consciousness and only once paramedics had managed to stabilise him and secure a neck and back brace, did they rush him to Son Espases Hospital.

The Guardia Civil are now trying to establish exactly what happened although they have been given a series of conflicting versions of events leading up to the fall.

What is clear is that the young man had been out drinking with his friends and had got involved in a fight.