MARGALIDA Rosselló, of the Green Party, relinquishing her position as Balearic minister for the environment following the May elections, yesterday called on the incoming government not to ”minimalise the importance of the environment or use it as a marketing tool for their own ends.” She said that the new administration must understand it as a key factor in the success of tourism in the islands and in the quality of life of people who live permanently in the Balearics. The environment has a “pivotal role” to play and should be the “backbone” of other policies that the new Balearic government might develop, insisted Rosselló yesterday morning in her final press conference.

She called on the new head of government in the Balearics, Jaume Matas, to “respect the good that has been done” in the legislature of 1999-2003 that has now drawn to a close. In Rosselló*s opinion, the government of which she was a part “has improved environmental management and its structure so that the people who live in the islands will witness the benefits”. In spite of the political differences between the Green Party and the Partido Popular (conservatives), Rosselló remained convinced that the incoming party will “recognise the positive results that have been achieved by its predecessors” in the last four years. As a final gesture by the Green Party in its responsibility for environmental management, Rosselló accompanied by the director general of environmental quality Nicolau Barceló, presented an information update. It concerned the creation of an environmental information service for citizens, companies, organisations, students or researchers, and will have its central office at the ministry.

Apart from regular information, it will provide the opportunity to consult a database and an environmental archive.
Users will be able to access the information available at “Environmental Update” by means of an electronic information site that is waiting to go on-line. An alternative will be to telephone the ministry or communicate by e-mail.