By Humphrey Carter

TWO of the nine spectators hurt in Sunday's Andratx car rally remained in Palma hospitals yesterday but their conditions were said to be stable and their injuries were not life threatening.

The accident happened on Sunday morning during the leg up the Son Mas mountain.
On one of the bends, the driver of a BMW 320, apparently lost control of his rally car and slammed into the crash barrier, sending a group of spectators down a ten-metre drop into the trees behind them.

Nine suffered injuries of varying degrees and were taken to hospital, but two, both women, were seriously injured and remained in hospital yesterday. One, a 23-year-old, suffered a fractured ankle, on which she was operated, and the other, a 31-year-old woman suffered three fractured ribs and multiple bruising.

She was waiting to be operated on yesterday afternoon.
The other seven injured spectators were discharged late on Sunday after medical checkups.
The race organisers and the Guardia Civil had apparently advised spectators not to position themselves on the bend where the accident happened.
Hospital sources said last night that both women had responded well to treatment and were in stable conditions.
Doctors said the injuries were not life threatening,.
As a result of the accident, the race was immediately cancelled with a handful of cars still waiting to complete the leg up the mountain.
Race organisers are monitoring the development of all those injured closely, in particular the two women who remain in hospital.
The Andratx rally was the first of the mountain rally season in Majorca and safety procedures are expected to be revised for the other forthcoming races.

Yesterday, organisers thanked the quick response of nearby spectators who all rushed to the aid of the injured, especially those who had been flung down the ten-metre drop into the trees.