THE Ministries for Sport and Tourism's 400'000 euro deal to promote sports tourism and sporting events in the Balearics could be under threat.
The agreement was actually signed back in February and the two primary aims of the deal are to secure the future of some of the major national and international sports events which the islands already host and to promote them overseas.

Sports tourism has become one of the new markets the Balearic government is keen to develop and many of Majorca's top sports stars such as Rafael Nadal or NBA basketball star Rudy Fernandez have been signed up to front important national and international advertising campaigns.

The tourist industry is however worried that the internal political problems within the Majorcan Unionist party, to which the Minister for Sport, Mateo Cañellas and the Minister for Tourism, Miguel Nadal belong, could jeopardise the agreement, but both ministers said yesterday that the agreement remains very much on track and that promoting sports tourism is a major part of their party's manifesto.