THE police were last night hunting for two armed men who robbed 170'000 euros from the Carrefour hypermarket in Coll d'En Rebassa early yesterday morning.

According to the police, the two men struck at 8.30pm, an hour before the supermarket opens.
Wearing boiler suits and carrying tool bags, the two men told security they were maintenance workers and, according to eyewitnesses, they managed to gain access to the hypermarket via the security entrance.

Once in the security zone, they headed straight to the area where the safes are housed and, at gun point, violently forced the head of the safe area to open one of the cash boxes which was holding around 170'000 euros of Saturday's takings.

The two robbers then left the hypermarket and fled in a getaway car which police suspect was driven by a third person.
The National Police Serious Crime Squad is handling the investigation and spent yesterday trawling through the images caught by the CCTV cameras.
Fortunately, no one was hurt in the armed robbery.