Palma.—The National Police yesterday evicted around 20 homeless people, mostly immigrants, from the derelict and abandoned old Lluis Sitjar football stadium in Palma.

Over the past few years, the crumbling stadium has become a giant camp for homeless people who have recently been causing a problem for the local community in the area.

Rats and fires
There have also been growing concerns about the health and safety of the homeless with reports of an increase in rats attracted to the waste being generated by those living in the stadium and towards the end of last year there was quite a serious fire in the stadium.

The new Partido Popular Mayor of Palma, Mateu Isern, has not wasted any time in getting to work and tackling some of the city's burning issues, such as evicting the homeless from the stadium.

There are also plans to demolish the building and build a new stadium on the site so that Real Mallorca can move back into the centre of the city.
The project, which will also revive the fortunes of the local neighbourhood, has already been developed and drawn up and was presented to the previous Socialist council for consideration.