Palma.—At the swearing-in ceremony in the chapel of the Consolat del Mar in Palma, the new Partido Popular President Jose Ramon Bauza saw fit to comment that “the economic situation has made life difficult for people living in the Islands.” He added poignantly that the crisis has meant that following the most recent elections, the new government is not viewed as just another local authority, but rather as an answer to people's desperate hopes of of turning the tide for the better. “We can't let them down,” he claimed.

Bauza said to his Ministers that the people of the Balearic Islands are “expecting a great deal of us” insisting that “we can't fail them”. The new President reminded his team that the government had to lay the foundations for recovery as soon as possible and work for a better life for people living in the region.

Bauza said that he felt confident his Ministers share his personal vision for the future, recommending that it was important to stay in touch with what ordinary people were thinking and feeling. He acknowledged the challenge to tackle the crisis would be tough because policy designed to operate efficiently and effectively, would inevitably involve austerity. The President said that it was people's trust in the commitment of the new government which had led him and his Ministers to the positions they were now holding today and he felt that it was absolutely crucial to live up to the responsibility.

Bauza said that what would hallmark the style of his government would be that everyone involved in public office, especially those in the most senior positions would look to the general interests of the region and all that desirable for the common good at a municipal level. He remarked that for him, “governing” essentially meant “serving” the people.

The new President's cabinet now consists of Pep Ignasi Aguiló who will hold the office of Vice-President, heading up Economy, Business Promotion and Employment; Antoni Gomez heads the ministry for the President's Office; Rafael Bosch, the new government spokesman, heads Education, Culture and Universities; Carlos Delgado is the new Minister for Tourism and Sports; Carmen Castro heads up Health, the Family and Social Welfare; Gabriel Company is established as Minister for Agriculture, the Environment and Territory, and Jose Simon Gornes is chief of Public Administration.