Palma.—A young eastern European needed to be treated for an anxiety attack yesterday after she returned home from work in the Port of Alcudia to find her sixth floor apartment in the Mississipi block in flames.

The young girl, who had just got home from work, called the police, prompting fire fighters from Alcudia and Manacor to rush to the scene.
Due to the huge column of smoke billowing out of the apartment, the emergency service immediately decided to evacuate all of the sixth and seventh floor apartments of nearly 150 people while fire fighters battled the blaze.

Police and firemen were forced to smash down the doors of at least six apartment because there was no reply from inside, but fortunately the flats in the residential block were empty and no other injuries were reported, apart from a fire fighter who cut his hand during the complicated emergency operation.

Yesterday, after some of the evacuees were allowed to return to their homes, fire inspectors were sifting through the remains of the Romanian's gutted apartment. According to sources close to the investigation, the fire was started outside the entrance to her flat and one line of investigation is that the fire was apparently started intentionally.

A possible suspect is the ex-boyfriend, who is also Eastern European, and who last week broke a restraining order.
Police are keen to interview him as part of their inquiry.