TWO outbreaks of fire, almost simultaneous, were reported to emergency services yesterday afternoon in the Selva area.
The fires ravaged somewhere in the region of 1.5 hectares of brushwood in a farming locality and approximately 1'500 square metres of scrub in another forested area. The fires were brought under control by 3pm, according to the Council of Majorca's director of environmental affairs within the Council of Majorca, Francesc Buils. He took the opportunity to drive home the need for extreme caution in any matters concerning fire during such a hot spell. The outbreak of fire in Selva led to a full compliment of emergency services arriving to bring the situation under control, related Buils. Six fire engines were sent from Santa Margalida, Inca and Sóller, together with 10 specially trained personnel, local police from Selva and Guardia Civil officers, as well as personnel from the Balearics Ambulance service. The ministry of the environment arranged for a helicopter and an Air Tractor to be despatched to the scene of the emergency.