WHILE the Spanish mainland is facing storms as a cold front from the Atlantic moves in, the present heatwave in the Balearics will continue for at least the next couple of days according to the Palma Met Office. The head of Climatological Services, Antonio Mestre, said that the heatwave would still persist for some days on the Mediterranean seaboard, where temperatures would continue to register very high levels. Mestre explained that the highest temperatures recorded this week were registered in Aragon, in the interior area of Catalunya and in the Balearics, with figures showing a levelling off at 38 degrees Celsius, although during the weekend the thermometer touched 40 degrees. He agreed that the temperatures in Palma this week were significant but he insisted that these heights have been reached in many places on the mainland of Spain on several occasions during the present heatwave. Mestre pointed out that these figures are not normal for the month of June and confirmed that the persistence of such high temperatures for a period of three weeks is “exceptional”. The average temperatures are greater “by many degrees” to those usually experienced in June, since they are five or six degrees above that normally recorded at this time of year. The head of Climatology Services finally announced that following the end of this “wave”, temperatures will once again be on the upward turn but they won't be as fierce as those of the heatwave that we have just experienced.