THE annual summer security operation will commence on July 1 with an extra 6'300 police being deployed to key tourist resorts, in particular the Balearics where the Spanish royal family will be spending their summer break, as usual, this year.

The three-month security operation's primary objectives are to protect visitors from petty crime and prevent possible terrorist attacks.
The total operation will involve thousands of national Police and members of the Guardia Civil but here in Majorca, members of the Royal security forces will also be deployed to protect the royal family which will be spending the summer at the Marivent Palace and surrounding estate.

Security is going to be significantly stepped up at all ports of entry as well as at large public gatherings and events such as sport matches and concerts.

All of the security services will be working closely together this summer and sources at the Interior Ministry in Madrid have also called for the maximum level of collaboration from the general public.

This year, holiday makers are going to notice a much greater presence of security officers in the main holiday resorts and tourists are being advised to carry photocopies of their passports or identification card to protect the originals from being stolen.

Extra manpower and equipment is also being pumped into the fight against terrorism, domestic and international, over the next three months.
The Guardia Civil traffic police will also be continuing with its weekly crackdown on drinking and driving and also closely controlling traffic in an attempt to reduce the number of fatal accidents.