Palma.—This year's season starts with the performance by Palma's Municipal Band in Bellver Castle and the programme runs all the way until September when the Cinema de la Fresca (outdoor cinema) event finishes.

In between the Festival Cancons de la Mediterranea will also take place.
The cultural programme planned byPalma City Council for this Summer relies predominantly on Majorcan talent with around 80 activities planned for the months of July and August.

The presence of local artists is evident with expected performances from Marta Elka, Cap Pela, David Gomez, Biel Duran and Palma's own municipal band all over the city, from Ses Voltes to Calle Fabrica, Es Born and Santa Catalina.

This means the Culture department, which has invested around 142.000 euros in the organisation of this year's festival, will save around 24% more comparing to the budget spent last year, when many of the acts had to come from outside the island.

Two events still to be confirmed
Still to be confirmed is the Festival of Bellver and Serenates d'Estiu two events the council has counted on in the past but are yet to get the green light this year. “We are still waiting on an answer from the Balearic Symphony Orchestra to resolve their situation and confirm their presence in the Bellver event and from Estiu it is just a matter of money. The event is not out of the question but we cannot continue this partnership in the way we have in previous years,” said Fernand Gillet from the Culture department who pointed out that this year's culture season “has something for all tastes and cultural preferences”.

This year's outdoor cinema, celebrating its 25th anniversary, will take place in Parc de la Mar and will show 32 films in total, every Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 10pm in July and from 9.30pm in August.

The council has also launched a new electronic music event (Me_Mmix) between August 9 and August 11.
The event will take place between Solleric, Es Baluard and the Miró Foundation.