A BRITSH family were yesterday awarded with commemorative placards to thank them for spending the last 20 years holidaying at a hotel in the Port of Alcudia. The Stevenson family have been coming to Alcudia for the past twenty years and always stay at the Delfin Azul Hotel in the port.
Most years, the Stevenson family, who are from Norwich, come to Alcudia twice a year. In fact, they have already made their next booking for September. As always, they book their Majorcan holidays with the tour operator Thomson (TUI UK), and always make sure that they are booked into the same hotel.
The Balearic Government, the Alcudia town council and the hotel chain Stil Hotels, who owns the Delfin Azul Hotel, all praised the family's loyalty to the island. To show their appreciation, they awarded the Stevenson family with a commemorative placard from the Ministry for Tourism, with a Green Card and with various other commemorative placards from the town council and the Delfin Azul Hotel. “The loyalty which these clients show to our hotel industry is something to be proud of and to value, even more so if we take into account how much the tourism industry has changed in the past years”, said the Director General for Tourism Promotion, Eduardo Gamero. “It is very important to offer tourists a high quality service. This attention to detail is essential to keep attracting the tourists year after year and to keep families like the Stevensons returning to the island”, he added. The representative from Stil Hotels, Jaime Cladera, said that he was very proud of “the loyalty that these clients have shown to our hotel for more than two decades”. “The Delfin Azul Hotel is very popular with the British tourism market, and cases such as the Stevensons makes us proud of what we offer and also motivates the staff”, he added. The event was held at the same hotel the Stevenson family like so much and many people attended, such as the Mayor of Alcudia, Miquel Ferrer, representative from TUI UK, Jo Walter and the Manager of the Alcudia Hotel Group, Maria José Aguiló.