Staff Reporter

WITH average hotel occupation for the months of July and August bordering on completely full in all tourist areas on Majorca, the end of the season is also looking very optimistic, especially on the Playa de Palma, with occupation of around 90 percent in September and to the middle of October.

The Federation of Majorcan Hoteliers and the Association of Hotel Chains agreed that the high season will be historic with regard to levels of occupation and company profits.

The end of the season, according to these sources, “is going to be very good and very like 2006, but with the difference that we have increased our prices and therefore it will be more profitable”.

The President of the Playa de Palma Hoteliers Association, Francisco Mari, confirmed the evaluation of the Federation of Majorcan Hoteliers and the Association of Hotel Chains, highlighting the fact that this year, “the level of tourism in the Playa de Palma has improved substantially, and we are going to exceed the average occupation level which we had in September and October last year, which was 84.68 percent.

Mari added that during the month of September, and until half way through October, “the average hotel occupation in the area will be 90 percent, that is to say, six points more. “The good news is that German and Spanish tourism, as well as the alternative markets, is growing and responding to our expectations”.
The high demand for this area, and the high levels of tourist satisfaction in the zone, which has 38'500 hotel beds, is what has caused the tour operators and hoteliers to increase their forecasts. ”We think that the year is going to be good, with more tourists, greater profits and the end of the season coming a little later than in previous years,” Mari said.

More hotels will stay open in the area during the winter, the hotel association said, claiming that 50 per cent of the hotels would remain open compared to 44 per cent last winter.

Bookings are expected to be between five and ten per cent higher, depending on each hotel.